Halloween in Beijing

In China, Halloween is not celebrated except by young adults who use it, like in the U.S., as an excuse to party.  For Halloween, me and three friends went to the popular high-end club area near the Worker’s Stadium.  The Worker’s Stadium is where the most posh and downright extravagant clubs are found in Beijing.  Some have sand which surrounds their outer lounge area and still others have segments of the dance floor with rise 15 feet in the air late at night.  Each has a distinct theme to it, complete with advanced laser, fog, and lighting systems.  Bartenders put on shows with fire while juggling bottles, and some clubs are massive with multiple stories and up to four different dance areas.  The lavishness doesn’t just stop at the architecture and amenities of the clubs but in the clientele as well.  As one of the premier night-life hubs of the capital city, this is the playground for the children some of the wealthiest people in China.  In the enormous parking lot which the clubs all border, you can commonly see unbelievable wealth—young kids driving Maserati’s Lamborghinis, Ferraris that are decked out beyond belief.  Baby Face, one of the dozen clubs in the area, was having a Halloween-themed party so I went with three friends.  While pulling up to the club that night, there was a Maybach parked right out front in which a driver was awaiting whomever (or whomever’s kid) was inside.

It was all you could drink after a flat entrance fee of 200 yuan ($32—expensive by Chinese standards).  Of course, this was just the entrance fee and, as is true in anywhere, money is easily spent if you so desire (private rooms are upwards of $500 USD a night).  Inside, the club was decked out in Halloween amenities in every conceivable fashion; waiters and waitresses were donning Victorian-era gowns and wigs, super-hero outfits, or goblin masks, cob webs clung to the ceilings and walls and even the DJs wore Venetian masques.  We met up with some Chinese friends who also go to Beida, and we got a table right next to the dance floor.

Like many service businesses in China, the club had an over abundance of staff—one waiter was dedicated just to mixing, and re-filling our drinks.  All the tables had Johnny Walker Black Label bottles which the waiter would mix with some other liquid to make a light mix-drink.  What’s more, is that a group of girls in golden dresses walked around as a promotion for some type of alcohol—something like, but not Goldshlaugher**.  They were followed by one or two girls who would come over to a table with a golden platter with these tall shot glasses on them, filled with this alcohol.  Sticking out of each glass was a plastic skewer with a special mint candy on it, which you had to eat before taking the shot.  It was definitely a different, but memorable Halloween.

Halloween at Baby Face

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