Boston College Social- Beijing

Boston College at the Hilton, Beijing

One Thursday night, the BC alumni China chapter met at one of Beijing’s Hilton Hotels;  I, along with three other BC students studying at Beida and Professor Chapman (a BC associate professor and masters graduate) joined.  The alumni that were present only compromise of less than half of all the BC grads in China, many of which are in Shanghai and Hong Kong.  At the function, there was an equal split between alum involved in business in China, and those in the academic sphere.  Among them, one woman who had retired from an illustrious career of school administration in the U.S. went back to work after getting an offer to principal a private school here in Beijing.  She had a lot to say of the foreign diplomats and big business execs who were the primary cliental of her school, and the Chinese school system versus her experience in the U.S.  She, along with her husband, did not speak any mandarin although it didn’t seem to inhibit her.  Three of the alumni, including Kevin and Deborah (head of the BC Alumni China Chapter) were in the midst of studying Chinese at Qinghua University in hopes of using their Chinese for more promising career prospects (the other renowned school in China considered to be comparable to Peking University).  It was interesting to hear the diverse stories and chain of events which led them all to living in Beijing and was nice to be able to meet others who were so close to home in our shared experience at BC.  We spent the night exchanging stories and insights on China and while our background and careers were all very much different, everyone had one understanding—they were in the best place they could be.

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