Chengde- Last Night

That night we were determined to find something other than a KTV bar, and took to the streets in a large group.  After walking around with no luck, one of the better Chinese speakers in the group decided to ask a young couple nearby for an idea of where any bars might be.  It turns out that the guy had a friend who owned a bar.  Being a Tuesday, it wasn’t open, but he called up his friend and had him open just for us—he didn’t want to pass up the business of 25 sober Americans.  We followed them to their friends bar, which was in actuality his home-turned bar, with a second floor (about 10 ft. above the second) with various booths and posters of Audrey Hepburn and Madonna.  It was actually pretty cozy and was just enough room for all of us, spread out between a back room and various booths.  We all had a great time and some friends and I ordered Baijiu, a kind of Chinese hard-alcohol (rice-wine) that we have been hearing much about.  It has a reputation for tasting horrible, but was in actuality not too bad.  It came in a clay (real-clay) bottle that required us to break off the clay top in order to drink it.  It was…weird tasting to say the least, but not as bad or perhaps just as bad as the cheap stuff we are used to in college.  We all had a really fun time and were thankful we managed to find a bar rather than a KTV for our last night in Chengde.

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