Chengde- 1st Night

Shortly after getting back everyone met in the banquet hall for a buffet-style dinner. During the meal, the hotel put on a show on a stage which included singing and dancing girls, a really flexible little boy contorting his body, and another guy who would spin, twirl, and juggle a 30 pound porcelain vase on his head.

Not long after dinner, 40 or so of us met in the lobby and decided to venture out into downtown Chengde, where we had heard many clubs and bars would be. We all went into this fancy KTV, which I soon found out indicated that it was a karaoke bar. As we walked up the stairs to the bar area, the screeches of people singing became more audible. We got our own room and our karaoke set was all ready to go. We stayed there for awhile, but the cacophony of people trying to sing soon got to us and we left in search of something else. We soon found out that every bar, club, and social hang-out as far as we could see was a KTV.

Defeated in our attempt to find anything besides a KTV, we ended up renting a room in a KTV venue and just didn’t sing over the music. The funny part was that there were as many adults doing karaoke as there were kids. We walked past a room in which there were twenty 50-something’s celebrating a birthday, all dancing to none other than their own renditions of the latest Chinese and American songs.

The next morning we traveled to the Putuo Zongcheng Temple, which was an old Buddhist temple. It consisted of many buildings including an impressively ornate 5-story building with a golden roof and pagodas on top of it. It was used to house the hundreds of monks who lived here. In one of the buildings there was a theatre and while I walked by, three woman were dancing with golden head dresses for a moderate crowd. After stopping for lunch as a group in downtown Chengde, we headed off to the Mountain Resort.

Five Buddhist Pagoda GatePutuo Zongcheng Temple

Dancing GirlsOn top of the Temple

Look at the people at the base of the Temple, to gain perspective on how big this is
Look at the people at the base of the Temple, to gain perspective on how big this is
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