Arrived in Narita

August 29th

I’m in Narita Tokyo…. wow. Even thousands of feet above ground you could tell it was a different world. Everything is so prim and proper, the land is so perfectly defined and divided.. The flight was amazing and it was relatively empty- I had an open seat to my side and so sat in the window seat with my bags next to me. It’s 5:50 pm Japan time, and 4:50 your time. I’m barely able to figure out this keyboard; I’m sitting in this futuristic business-class lounge which has a lot of really cool looking apple computers on one of which I am writing you now. I read the whole manilla folder detailing my trip and wrote in my journal. I did a relatively quick entry that detailed my experience on the plane pretty well, and because I have time I will just type it up.

Friday August 28th, 10:00 pm Boston Time

I find myself traveling at 528 mph directly over the Bering Sea, between Russia and Alaska. 8 hours have passed since our departure from JFK at 2:00 with an estimated 5 1/2 more hours till our arrival in Narita, Japan. With a touch screen, personal table, fully reclining leather chair, and an open bar, you wouldnt know that just beyond the 2 inch thick window beside me are tremendous winds and -74 degree air. At 32000 ft I am enjoying sauteed chicken breast complimented with a glass of Louis M Martini, Cabernet Sauvignon corked in california in 2005. The stewardesses, mostly japanese and either dressed in full black or full red outfits, are so so gracious and check on me every few minutes. Needless to say I am sufficiently spoiled , with every detail just right- even getting my own small salt and pepper shakers. Its nice to get some R and R before living and studying in Beijing of which I don’t know what to expect. Mom and Dad dropped me off after a great night in Long Island consisting of the usual and beloved traditions of Empire Szechuan and late night pizza from Mario’s. I was dropped off at “The Oasis” business-class lounge where I had time to post a last update on my blog and have two jack and cokes to prepare for the journey. Mom and Dad hovered around the airport for an hour or so and saw me through security, waving until I turned the last corner. Theres no turning back now. The Peoples Republic of China will be my home for the next 4 months…

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