CCM Intern

I recently got accepted as a Market Analyst Intern at Carbon Capital Management, Beijing China for fall ’09.  Carbon Capital Management (CCM) is a consulting group which assists environmental investment institutions in Japan to find suitable projects in China as well as helping Chinese business to get other foreign financial resources in the environmental business sector.  I had to interview on Skype a little over a week ago and it went well, and just found out that I was accepted as the new intern today.  I do not know exactly what to expect as in the day-to-day of my internship but I will apparently be researching market trends as well as keeping up with the innovative products/processes driving the environmental industry in both China and across the globe.  I will have to do in-depth research which I will be presenting both in written articles and in seminars (to whom I do not exactly know).  So, it should be interesting to say the least and I’ll be sure to let you know how my first day goes.

Today was my last day in Marblehead, and I spent it finalizing packing, and hanging out on the Heckedy Peg off of Brown’s Island to get my last summer rays.  We will be driving down to NY to meet up with the girls and go out to a farewell dinner.  Friday morning is my flight and I’ll be arriving in Beijing 10:30 p.m. (Beijing time) on Saturday the 29th.  The forecast is for 77 and partly cloudy.

In other news, I have just heard that wordpress, the site that I use to make this blog, is blocked in China.  I am hoping that is not true although I do know that there are a lot of sites that are blocked including Facebook and Youtube, and that number is growing.  If it is, I will still be updating you on this blog although I will have to send the blog post first to my parents, who will then post it up for me.

Either way, stay tuned.

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One Comment on “CCM Intern”

  1. Dad Says:

    Congratulations on this great internship! Mom & I are so proud of you. We’re all so excited that you’ll be flying from JFK to Beijing tomorrow. Tonight’s dinner at Empire Szechuan with the family, and tomorrow’s visit to your grandfather Gung Gung’s grave to pay your respects before you leave, is special. He is so prooud of you!

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